About Me...

Hello, my name is Carmen and this is my journey to becoming a better me. 

After going through an extremely rough break up, i found myself destroyed physically; recovering from a C-section with my second child and overall dealing with body image issues, destroyed emotionally; dealing with postpartum depression and the loss of a man i thought was the love of my life,  and finally, destroyed mentally and spiritually; beating myself up with the 'why-wasn't-i-good-enough's'  and trying to adjust myself back into the world of the single, full time working, bread winning, mom of two boys. For the first time in my life, i felt like i had no direction, i was completely lost (and still am), i had no idea how i became stuck in this predicament nor how i was going to get out of it but i knew i had/have to do something.

That is why i decided to start this blog/site. As a means of therapy; by expressing my trials and tribulations throughout this journey, accountability for myself; i paid money for this site, i better show up and show out ;0p, and motivation for others; I'm hoping to encourage others going through life changing moments to destroy self damaging behaviors and elevate self worth because the one thing i have learned so far is that YOU are responsible for setting the price of your worth, don't allow others to pay less for something so valuable.

Thank you for stopping by!