Journey Begins...

Today i began my journey to a better body...

My Goal:

To destroy all insecurities i have with my physical appearance, i recognize them all and they can all be removed. I have spent the majority of my life damaging myself by constantly analyzing and comparing my flaws and also being analyzed and compared by others. To be 100% happy with my body is my goal. What does this look like? well, I'm not sure yet, but when i picture how i would like to look the image is similar to the picture to the right.

My Plan

While i'd love to be the blogger posting gym pics and squat videos, unfortunately, i will not be. As a single mom of two boys, who works full time, is a full time student, and the sole provider for my household, it just doesn't make sense to spend time and money on a gym membership. So my plan will consist of RM3, dieting, and home workouts.

  • RM3: "RM3 is an exclusive 3-Step comprehensive program that is designed to help people lose weight faster, and help them sustain that weight loss over time. RM3′s three steps feature a proprietary prescription medication, diet plan, fat burning shots and supplements known to cause effective weight loss." With this program, i take two pills; one in the evening and one at night, stick to the diet plan, and it is recommended to do light to moderate exercise.
  • Diet: The diet is a low calorie (no calorie counting) diet focused on high protein and vegetables, moderate fruit intake, and zero carbs. I will do my bloggers best to post pictures and recipes of the meals that work for me. :0)
  • Workouts: Light to moderate exercise is recommended because the low calorie diet is not enough to sustain high intensity workouts. My first option was to go with Jillian Michaels, because she has helped me in the past, but after reviewing her video, i do believe it may be a bit to intense, so, I came across what i like to call an "instapreneur" (someone who has built their business with the help of social media), her IG name is @brittnebebe, she is a trainer with an amazing background and a line of workout videos that concentrate on building glutes, abs, and legs. I would like to focus on my problem areas; my stomach, thighs, and of course the booty! lol 

I have been absolutely dreading posting my before and progress pictures on the internet of all places lol but *sigh* accountability right? So here you go, below is my before picture as of today. I currently weigh 202.2 lbs, my goal is to be around 150 lbs. 

As always, thanks for stopping by and wish me luck!

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